Monday, May 28, 2012

Tony Buzan Launches Mind Mapping Android App for Creative Thinking on the Move

ThinkBuzan Ltd Adds Free Android App for Smartphones and Tablets to iMindMap Suite of Mind Mapping Products
Inventor of Mind Mapping and specialist in creative thinking, Tony Buzan, has announced the release of the iMindMap for Android apps from ThinkBuzan, giving Android users the freedom to access iMindMap’s creative workspace wherever they are for brainstorming, planning and organising.

The new mobile apps will be available to download free on Google Play from May 22nd for Android phones and tablets. iMindMap Mind Mapping software is designed to give users an intuitive ‘thinking space’ in which to capture their ideas and stay on top of their busy schedules. Used everywhere from the classroom, for studying and revision, to the office, for project planning, brainstorming and presentations and even at home for to-do lists and fitness schedules, iMindMap promotes clear and creative thinking.

Chris Griffiths, CEO said: 

“I am delighted to see iMindMap arrive on the Android platform. Following the success of our iPhone and iPad apps, I know a lot of Android users desperate to get their hands on an Android version. The touchscreen functionality of the smartphone platform takes Mind Mapping to a whole new level, allowing users to hand draw their maps and enhancing the creative experience. It is the only Mind Mapping app that gives users the creative freedom to draw their maps themselves with Freehand Branches and our unique Sketch Tool. We have many users who say they actually bought their tablets specifically to use iMindMap.”

The release of iMindMap for Android apps marks the expansion of the fully integrated iMindMap suite of desktop, mobile and online applications. iMindMap for Android is part of the iMindMap Freedom package, meaning that by subscribing, app users can seamlessly sync their Mind Maps across all platforms and gain unlimited access to iMindMap’s web-based editor.

Mark Morgan, Head of Mobile & Web Development said: 

“iMindMap Freedom takes the iMindMap mobile apps beyond a single device. They can log in to iMindMap’s intuitive workspace on any Android tablet or phone, iPhone, iPad or any computer with an internet connection and their maps will be there waiting. This is just the beginning for Freedom. We are already working on a new Blackberry Playbook app and have some big surprises in development for the whole range.”


  • Draw branches by hand or use simple speed mapping buttons
  • Add weblinks and notes to branches
  • Tailor your maps with Freehand Branches
  • Insert images straight from your Gallery
  • Get started fast with inbuilt Templates
  • Get creative with the intuitive Sketch Tool
  • Inbuilt SmartLayout technology works in the background to keep your maps tidy
  • Undo/redo feature to quickly amend or alter your Mind Maps
  • Subscribe to iMindMap Freedom to sync maps between mobile, online and desktop

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

MindMaple Inc. Launches Free Mind Mapping Software MindMaple Lite

MindMaple Inc. is the developer of MindMaple, a mind mapping software to increase productivity and creativity by visually organizing ideas on a map.

The software company MindMaple Inc., developer of mind mapping software to increase productivity and encourage creative thinking, announced today the launch of MindMaple Lite, a free version of their premium mind mapping software MindMaple. MindMaple Lite launches today, May 3, 2012, and is available as a free download from their website,

MindMaple Lite includes the same interface and many essential features of the full version of MindMaple, allowing you to map thoughts and ideas visually. According to the company, MindMaple's interface offers more freedom for users than many competitor products, enabling users to develop personal brainstorming techniques to maximize their potential. MindMaple Lite provides all the benefits for organization and brainstorming, but differs in its range of export, design, and map theme choices.

In addition to introducing MindMaple Lite, MindMaple Inc. recently introduced a new, less expensive pricing structure for its professional mind mapping product. The new price to purchase a lifetime software license is $49.99. Customers also now have the option to purchase a 1-year subscription to the software for $9.99. In a statement from corporate headquarters, MindMaple explains the price change is intended to encourage more people to explore the benefits of brain mapping.

To celebrate the launch of MindMaple Lite and the new pricing structure, Mindmaple has announced a contest for the most creative mind map, with the winner receiving a $250 gift card. According to MindMaple Inc., the goal of this contest is to spark the creativity of their users, and to encourage them to apply concept mapping to their daily personal and professional lives. To enter the contest, submit a concept map created with MindMaple to office(at)mindmaple(dot)com and "Like" the MindMaple Facebook page. A winner will be notified via email and announced on June 1, 2012.

For more information, visit MindMaple's corporate blog at


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