Thursday, October 20, 2011

MindBerry mind mapping app for the Blackberry platform

MindBerry is a mind-mapping software for BlackBerry smartphones. It's the ideal software for organize your thoughts, manage information overload, increase your productivity and creativity. Capture and organize your ideas at any moment, do it visually with MindBerry. You can export the mindmap to FreeMind format and transfer it to your desktop for continue use. 


MindBerry has some interesting features. The most important thing about MindBerry is it make use of the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard shortcuts for quick editting. 

  • Navigating between topics is easy done using the Trackball/Trackwheel.
  • Fast, intuitive navigation, MindBerry using the BlackBerry trackball or the numeric keys to navigate from a node to another node.
  • Support Folding/Unfolding with Spacebar key.
  • Use shortcut to access all editing features.
  • Drag and Drop selected nodes
  • Cut'n Paste selected nodes
  • Scrolling mindmap using Trackball
  • Decorate nodes with icons, colors, fonts, styles.
  • Attach note to mindmap.
  • Link to web pages, local files or another mindmaps.
  • Save and Load mindmaps to/from BlackBerry Media Card or Device Memory
  • Send mindmaps via email.
  • Import and export both Freemind and MindManager.

The ability to customize topics with icons, colors and fonts (dialogs for each of these options are once again accessed using specific keys, such as C for the color palette and I for icons)
Notes can be attached to maps

MindBerry can also import and export Freemind maps. It would be great to see compatibility with MindManager maps in a future version, since that is the mind mapping program that is most widely utilized in corporate environments. Overall, it looks like the developers have done a great job of creating a highly functional mind mapping application for the Blackberry!

Get MindBerry software (The latest version is 1.2.0) :

Video: MindBerry - Mindmapping on the BlackBerry

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