Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mindomo Goes Mobile - Launching iPad and Android Apps

Mindomo has just announced the release of its new application for iPad and Android tablets. Keeping the same functionality, the app goes mobile on tablet, phone and PC, ensuring client satisfaction both online and offline. Zoltan Lorincz, Mindomo CEO says "It's about time we took Mindomo to the next level creating an innovative and easy to use mind mapping app for tablets"

The new app is very similar to the existing online version, therefore, Mindomo users should have no unpleasant surprises. Using the screen space efficiently, Mindomo will surely make your mobile mind mapping experience easier.

Features list:

  • Seamless synchronization - Ensures a safe and backed-up environment for your information.
  • Real time collaboration - Allows you to brainstorm with your team anytime, anywhere.
  • Similar functionality - Provides the same look and feel of Mindomo on any tablet, phone or PC.
  • Online syncing of maps - Offers you the flexibility of working on your mind maps from different locations and various devices.
  • Offline access to mind maps - Meets your need to create, edit and save your ideas on mind maps offline

The new Mindomo app is available for free on both Play Store and iTunes. You may access it directly at the following links:

  1. iTunes
  2. Play Store

Mindomo for iPad and Android tablets is free for a limited period of time. Premium subscription with only $ 6 per month, allows you to save more than 3 maps to your online account.


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