Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MindMaple Inc. Launches MindMaple v1.61 with Educators and Students in Mind

Expansive features and real-time collaborative functions elevate MindMaple’s potential as education technology.
MindMaple Inc. has released v1.61 of their mind mapping software, MindMaple. Developed with students and teachers in mind, this version seeks to bridge the gap between instructor and student, and overcome the restrictions of group work.

MindMaple v1.61 includes improved formatting, export options and increased style options. The cloud-based collaborative function is arguably the most notable feature added to this update. This feature allows users to upload, save, and launch mind maps or information maps, to their Google Drive. The cloud-based functionality allows the publisher and collaborator to utilize and edit the mind map from any location equipped with an Internet connection. Instructors can upload syllabi, lecture outlines and such, online for students to readily access. Students can upload organized lecture notes or brainstorm group assignments without having to hover over one computer screen. MindMaple’s collaborative feature seeks to improve the process of group work and content creation.

Another useful feature for educators and students alike are the added template and theme maps. Templates, such as lesson plans, and themes, like Blackboard, offer recommendations on how the software can be utilized in the classroom. The sample maps can be altered to fit the needs of the user or used as a source of inspiration.

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