Thursday, March 31, 2016

The first mind mapping application with Adobe's pic editing tool

Malmö, Sweden (March, 2016)-- Seavus and Adobe worked on integrating Adobe's image editor within iMindQ's online mind mapping app, and announce the latest release of iMindQ Online 4.0, the first mind mapping tool with Adobe's Creative Cloud Connected image editor The application also supplies new Research tab, social media sharing of interactive HTML mind maps and On-Screen Tutorials.

Built-in Adobe Creative Cloud Connected image editor.

iMindQ Online is the first to offer an image editor from Adobe's Creative Cloud Connected, which offers flexibility in customization and editing of graphics that are inserted within mind maps. Users can discover their creativity by being able to utilize filters, add stickers, manipulate with color, crop, rotate and use many other tools to edit and customize the images within the Creative Cloud image editor. The mind maps can also be exported as editable images, and users can use the Creative Cloud editor to edit the mind map screenshots beyond their creation.

Research tab for image search by keyword.

With iMindQ Online, users will be able to boost their mind maps by inserting images from the new Research tab, which provides image search by keyword from Flickr and Open Clipart. This provides users to be able to easily pick out images aligning with the context of their ideas and insert them within the topics or subtopics of their mind maps

Social Sharing of HTML mind maps.

The latest release of iMindQ Online offers an option to straight share interactive HTML mind maps via the social media networks Twitter and LinkedIn. The interactive HTML mind map can be opened inside any browser, edited and saved again from the browser. This feature enables users to build upon ideas and share their knowledge with connections that do not have the native program.

Interactive On-Screen Tutorial

For all new users to iMindQ Online, there is now an Interactive On-screen tutorial, which offers a fast and easy introduction to using the program and the mind mapping technique.

Marjan Mansournia, Business Development Manager expresses: "With the launch of the newest release of iMindQ Online we have followed the needs of our users, and have steered the app to complement the desktop version of the software, but at the same time provide exciting and innovative features for users to easily generate and share ideas. The demand for mind mapping apps that enable users to create mind maps on any device is increasing, and iMindQ Online delivers just that and more, giving users the unique chance to enjoy an interactive way to present, share and collaborate on ideas, through interactive HTML mind maps.".

The free demo of iMindQ Online is available on the following link: 

To learn more about iMindQ Online, visit:


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