Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best Android App for Creating Mind Maps

If you’re a person with big, stellar ideas, your mind’s wheels always seem to be a-turning. Having a pen and paper handy might have offered you some comfort, and the pen-and-paper tandem can be useful for when you just want to scribble down that fleeting, elusive thought, or for when you need a blank canvas to to help you jot things down and get organized or, well, for when you’re just plain bored and doodling offers some cheap entertainment.

But, how cool is it if your smartphone can do that for you, plus more? That can be made possible with the Android-based mind-mapping app called Thinking Space.

A nifty app in itself, Thinking Space’s simplistic and functional interface is key to offering users a conducive environment to let thoughts run wild.

The app allows you to create visual maps that help you plan, organize,and follow through on ideas and activities, making sure you’re on top of everything even while you’re on the go.

Creating a mind map starts with a single node, which you can break down into further subnodes around this main node for branching or interrelated ideas. These subnodes can then, in turn, be broken down into more subnodes of their own, going deeper and providing more details for easy organizing and tracking of ideas.

Links, notes, colors, and icons help you highlight important items and organize your material better. The app also allows you to tag your mind maps or sort them into categories or folders. Just by selecting a tag or category, you can instantly bring up the nodes with those tags or placed under those categories.

Video: Thinking Space Android App Review

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