Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cheetah Learning’s New Mindmap Reveals What Professionals Can Learn From Successful Race Car Drivers

The Daytona 500 has been described by three-time winner Jeff Gordon as “The Ultimate Race.” The Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at Cheetah Learning ( feel that the qualities that enable a driver to win at Daytona are the same that can empower professionals to reach their own winner’s circle. That’s why they’ve announced they are offering a new free mindmap designed for Project Managers but beneficial to anyone seeking peak performance.

Competing in the Daytona 500 means going 140 mph on a 2.5-mile track in a tick under 50 seconds with 40-plus other drivers fighting for position. Competitive imagery like that drove the Project Management Professionals (PMPs) at Cheetah Learning ( to create a simple yet effective visual aid to help professionals reach their potential while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The result: A new, free mindmap. (See details below.)

Think of it this way: Compared to the testing, preparation and adjustments prior to "The Great American Race," the hours between the start and finish line represent just a small percentage of the overall effort. It’s the exact opposite of “cramming for a test.”
Michelle LaBrosse, Cheetah Learning CEO and Founder, put it like this: “Do you remember pulling all-nighters in college, downing caffeine and chaining yourself to your desk until minutes before your exam?” she asks. “Now that you’re older and wiser, you should know there’s a better way!”

And here it is: “The key to getting the maximum return on investment for your study efforts is to have a peak performing mind and relaxed focus so that you are able to rapidly synthesize information,” LaBrosse said.

The free mindmap that helps professionals do that is titled “Holistic Accelerated Exam Prep.” It’s available at under the headline: “Cheetah's Daily Tool to Improve Your Career.” The download is part of Cheetah’s theme for the month: “Project Management of Prosperity.”

“When you approach learning in a structured manner, you ensure that you are getting the maximum ROI for your study efforts,” explains LaBrosse. “And remember, knowledge is wealth!”

This methodology isn’t limited to project managers. It’s a holistic approach that can benefit anyone, from athletes and students to administrators and CEOs.

For LaBrosse, the message she shares is practical, pragmatic and based on personal experience. As a single mother of two, she invested considerable time building Cheetah Learning on a solid foundation and then patiently and systematically growing it into a multi-million dollar powerhouse in the Project Management education field, a competitive arena with 1,600 providers who are registered with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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