Monday, February 13, 2012

Choosing Between Mind Mapping Or To-Do Lists

Let's face it, each day we are bombarded by dozens of things to do. Our many responsibilities make sure our hands are full most of the time. Most often we find ourselves forgetting so many things! Often we simply get confused with what to do first and what could be done later on. We even end up suffering from work overload that makes our lives way too stressful to handle.

Needless to say, this awful situation is the product of our own inability to manage what limited time we have and our improper use of our resources. Both our personal and professional lives demands proper management. We need to organize our life by organizing our thoughts and surroundings. This will play a vital role in your success.

There are various means in which we can manage the chaotic lives we lead. We can use mind maps or to-do-lists for example. They give us different options on how to better manage our time and lessen the stress in our life.

Using mind maps helps us remember information better. It gives us additional insight on the information and our situation. It enables us to gain a clearer view on our work and our life in general. Actually mind maps are a perfect thinking tool that enhance memory, promotes creative thinking, improves our problem-solving skills and makes learning simply fun and easy.

More than helping us in our daily tasks, mind mapping can guide us in personal development. It helps us develop effective skills in goal setting and time management. These are necessary for to succeed in your job and more importantly in your personal life.

A "to-do" list on the other hand is a helpful tool to help us remember the things that we need to do. Every single day there is an endless array of meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, important appointments to go to, and a lot of other important things to take care of. We end up feeling so worn out, often during the day already! As a result we tend to forget what we were supposed to to.

In order for our to-do list to be useful we should first categorize it according to the types of activities we need to address. It should include our daily priority list, a general to-do list, a list of activities that needs to be addressed in the future, list of items we need to follow-up, list of goals, and others more.

Writing down a "to-do" list can be extremely helpful in helping us remember the duties we need to attend to every single day. Still it is much more helpful to develop your mind mapping skills. Mind maps give you a much better means of organizing your thoughts and managing your time and yourself.

Both methods are useful to keep track of what to do. A mind map often is easier, especially in complex situation or with many intertwined tasks. Your mind map creates one overview that shows you the proverbial big picture.

Start to create mind maps today and benefit from everything you do. Instead of being managed by your task and environment, you become the master over your day and life!

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  1. The use of mind maps in time management is a big help. It breaks down every decision you have to make, and allows you to delegate and simplify every procedure. That way, you don’t miss out on accomplishing any task, and you still have time to do other things.

    Alexandra Gale