Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The New Mind Brain Mapping System Revolutionizes the Way Clinicians and Neurofeedback Practitioners Work with Clients

New Mind Academy today announced the relaunch of their innovative New Mind Brain Mapping System that revolutionizes the way clinicians and neurofeedback practitioners work with their clients. The integrated Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment system combines quantitative EEG brain mapping with metabolic and psycho-social assessment tools, resulting in a comprehensive and economical method for accurately evaluating clients and utilizing neurofeedback to remediate suffering. The New Mind Brain Mapping System is the first to provide immediate standardized automated interpretation of EEG brain mapping data based on statistical analysis - significantly reducing personal bias in report interpretations as well as reducing long waiting periods for brain maps to be evaluated and written. The New Mind Brain Mapping System is the first report system to provide a wide variety of conveniences for clinicians, such as an At a Glance Report, Automatic Protocol Generation, Metabolic Confound Report, Supplement Recommendations and a Simplified Client Report section for clients to read.

“We’re excited to have our new brain mapping system vastly improve the way clinicians work with their clients,” said Richard Soutar, Ph.D., founder and CEO of New Mind Academy who is also a distinguished pioneer in the field of neurofeedback as well as a former graduate-level professor of psychology and sociology. “This is the first system to provide clinicians and neurofeedback practitioners with immediate standardized automated interpretation of EEG brain mapping data and statistical analysis.”

The use of EEG or quantitative EEG (qEEG) to record and evaluate neural activity is emerging as a powerful and economic tool for understanding the problems clients bring to their professional advisors. By recording brainwaves from twelve or more locations across the scalp, clinicians are able to generate electrical topographical maps of the brain which provide deep insights into client suffering. These maps are similar to weather maps in that they indicate high and low areas of electrical functions and consequently high and low areas of processing functions. The maps can then be compared to maps of a normative sample, several of which were developed at top research universities, and deviations from this normative standard are used to assess the likelihood that clients suffer from different symptoms. This information can then be compared to client complaints for confirmation and used to generate training protocols utilizing neurofeedback to relieve discomfort.

Clinicians and neurofeedback practitioners will benefit from the comprehensive narrative reports The New Mind Brain Mapping System provides - informing them of the likelihood of difficulties with a wide variety of functions such as memory, emotion, visual processing, verbal processing and executive function,” continued Dr. Soutar.

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