Monday, July 30, 2012

Exobrain could end up being a killer mind mapping tool to focus your creativity

Visualizing the ideas that you have in your brain is a tall order. Many of us creative types tend to carry around pads of paper and gravitate towards white boards to jot down our thoughts and scribbles.

A really helpful tool to extract exactly how our ideas might become an actual “thing” is by using mind mapping software, which basically lets you create a cloud of words, ideas and thoughts that can connect to one another.

A service that will be entering beta soon called Exobrain could become the killer tool to take the mind mapping concept to the next level. Not much is known about the service, other than it was created by Colin Dunn and Nick Gauthier, and is still in development.

There's a demo that you can play around with though to see if this is something that might float your boat. Personally, I was blown away and want it right now:

This video will give you a good idea of what you can do with Exobrain:

The service promises to store all of your maps in the cloud, being accessible from anywhere. If you’re a creative nerd like I am, this is a service worth signing up for.

- Exobrain


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