Sunday, March 18, 2012

New programs aid in brainstorming

The program offers a three-headed approach to planning projects and presentations.

ConceptDraw PROJECT is the ideal beginner part of the suite. You’ll be given the proper tools needed to begin a presentation. The window looks similar to Microsoft Word and is very user-friendly overall.

PROJECT’s ability to put all of your data onto a single screen makes the planning process much easier. The data is always updating to reflect current actions and puts emphasis on areas that should be high on the adjustment priority list.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP uses brainstorming and document information you provide to turn data into a visually appealing presentation. MINDMAP can export into slideshows and checklists.
ConceptDraw PRO is the most impressive part of the software. It allows for custom drawing of schematics, flow charts and diagrams that can be tailored to fit a specific paper size when printed. Photoshop fans will feel right at home with the quality of the supplied tools. You can manipulate every aspect of your design.
One of the best features of the software is the ability to export your work to Microsoft Word and Excel. Thus people can open and view your work through the Microsoft Office tools even if they don’t have ConceptDraw on their computer.

ConceptDraw is phenomenal software for a business atmosphere. The quality of all three portions is stellar. PRO is one of the best ways to put visual data in the hands of coworkers and clients alike. The software is highly recommended for those wishing to take the clutter out of planning.

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