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Uncork your Brain with Mind Maps

That great idea you are looking for is already somewhere in your mind or in the collective mind of your team.  The real effort in coming up with a great idea, is all about getting out of your own way so that your great idea can reveal itself.  I want to refer to this as the “idea release” process, rather than the idea generation process.

A very useful tool in the idea release process is mind mapping.  In this post, I will discuss how we inadvertently trap our great ideas in our mind; strategies for getting out of our own way; and finally how mind maps can help.


We are all familiar with those situations where we can’t seem to get our thoughts together in a clear, organized, and useful way.  The solution to that vexing problem just keeps eluding us.  Or we are cursed with a frustrating case of writer’s block.  We try to get our thoughts down on paper, but many times it just produces unsatisfactory results.

There are two general reasons why we run into this and similar problems:

  • We try to do too many things simultaneously: generate new ideas, evaluate their merit, and organize them.  This is something most of us do, and we don’t even realize it.
  • We aren’t in a relaxed enough state to let our thoughts freely flow.  Essentially, we stress ourselves out.  And when you are stressed, it is hard to think of anything other than what is stressing you out.  This will happen when we are rushed to deliver the solution NOW.  Panic is an extreme reaction to this kind of stress.

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