Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connected Mind (BETA) for Android

Use your fingers to draw unique and memorable mind maps.
At last it is possible to create mind maps as individual and easy to imprint on your mind as those drawn by hand on paper. The mind maps you create are even better as you can easily include images and shapes and you have a whole rainbow of colors and a selection of fonts at your disposal.

Connected Mind for Chrome is installed on over 30,000 desktops. Now available for Android phones and tablets, this version is even better as touch interfaces are perfect for the hand-drawn approach.

The creator of this app used hand-drawn mind maps to study law and they worked like magic. Later he tried several software packages but was always frustrated by the automatic layout (usually with all text being in horizontal lines) that made all his mind maps look confusingly similar and hard to recall. He then set about creating his own application with a totally different approach. The focus was on making every map unique and distinctive so they could be used in education for study and revision. The pay-off comes in exams, meetings and presentations.

This mind mapping application gives you complete control over the layout of your maps. You draw each branch by hand in a single stroke of your finger, taking any path you want. Your stroke is then smoothed to create a flowing curve which you can tap and adjust if you need to.

Each main branch from the central idea of the mind map is assigned a different color, picked a random from a palette of suitable colors. You are free to change this to any color you desire, using the fully-featured color picker.

You can also add a range of shapes and even images, which can be clipped to any of the available shapes.

NOTE: This is a BETA version. The app is not finished yet and you may encounter issues. If you do, please report them and they will be resolved as soon as possible with frequent updates. The price may go up once v1.0 is reached, but the upgrade is free for those who have this BETA.


  • Runs on Froyo and Gingerbread phones and is optimized for Honeycomb tablets
  • Complete control over map layout
  • undo/redo
  • Choice of fonts
  • Choice of 27 resizable shapes, with beautiful color gradient fills
  • Images added to your maps can be sized and clipped to any supported shape 
  • Speech recognition - speak the text of your branches
  • Autosaves when you leave the app
  • Open maps that were created on the web by Connected Mind for Chrome 
  • Share your mind map as an image with any installed app that can accept images, such as Messaging, GMail, Twitter, etc

Planned Features (follow @connected_mind on twitter for details) 

  • Zoom in/out
  • Add notes with links to any map item
  • Store mind maps in the cloud and open with the Chrome Web Store version of Connected Mind 
  • Import mind maps created in Freemind
  • Copy & paste between mind maps
Video: Connected Mind - Android Tablet

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