Friday, November 11, 2011

Mind map for effective learning

A mind map is a graphical representation of ideas and concepts. Mind maps are truly the best study tool and are literally a map of the material to be learned.
Mind mapping is also termed as concept mapping as it involves writing down a central idea and connecting new and related items that radiate outwards from the main theme at the centre.

It is really a tool that promotes creative thinking and generates appropriate solutions to the problems. They also enhance the quality of thinking and provide better insight into the course of study.

Mind maps help the students a lot while preparing for the annual examination or the board examination. Preparing mind maps for important chapters and taking a quick glance through them before the examination will give opportunity for excellent revision, enabling long term memory. Create your own style while preparing mind maps. One of the major reasons why this technique works so well is because it is a reflection of the uniqueness of the creator’s mind. Let your imagination be your guide in making the best mind maps.

The following steps are useful in making mind maps:

Start at the centre of a blank landscape page, ideally with a colourful image to represent the main subject. Use simple key words and write legibly looking for a relationship to establish cause and effect. Leave spaces in between where new information or ideas can be inserted later. It is a functional tool hence beautification of the map is not needed. Use highlighters   for better effectiveness. Draw lines or arrows to connect things together.  A complete map will have many lines radiating from the central theme. If necessary, relocate words or phrases to establish better logical relationship.

Mind maps work so well because they employ many of our intelligences in making, reviewing and revising. Moreover, the visual nature of the maps makes them easy to remember. Be a good visual learner, who learns best by seeing a representation, either in pictures or in written words. Always remember that learning to write for an examination is as important as studying. Students often get confused in deciding how to start an answer, take it forward and conclude it.   Hence, at school level, we should provide necessary training to our students in effective learning techniques, such as mind maps and others.

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