Friday, November 18, 2011

MindV online mind mapping tools, based on cloud compting, is published

Mindv online mind mapping tools
MindV mind mapping tools, called MindV, is an online tools. Mind map is an effective mode of thinking, applied to memory, learning, thinking , so mind map is also called a "thinking map", which will facilitate the diffusion of thought of the human brain. Mind map has been widely used around the world, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies have been using mind maps to enhance their creativity. Now more and more people began to learn mind map, learning that the 21st century way of thinking, detonated his own inspiration, enhance their creativity, to change itself, change a business, even a country's competitiveness. The inventor of Mind Map is Tony Buzan.
What mindv mind mapping tools can help me do?
New document tool: MindV simply, is a new document tool, like Word, PPT, Excel. In a mindv map, multimedia, hyperlinks, attached document can be embedded. A mind map can be easily converted to other format such as png, jpg, html, text, doc, pdf and ms project xml file. Mindv meets the Open XML file format specification.Mainly used to record a lecture outline, a book catalog, lesson notes,meeting minutes, etc.
Visual teaching and learning: Explanation of knowledge with multimedia; facilitating students to record key learning points.
Management of creativity and design: anytime, anywhere to record your ideas, keep your design work in the local computer or more secure cloud.
To solve daily problems:Put visualizable list of various components of the problem on the mind map, throught in-depth study the relationship between them, you can find a creative solution.
collaboration and sharing idea: share your good idea to your team member,put a mind map inside a web page ; team members were able to offer advice on a question.
Project management: from project start to finish, you can quickly and easily design and improvement through the tool .
Management tasks and priorities: the division of tasks into manageable sub-tasks, quickly and easily arranged according to priority.
Development platform
MindV using cross-browser, cross-platform technology development silverlight 4. First time a user clicks the link in your browser to run mindv, if your machine is not installed Silverliht 4, you will be prompted to download from the Microsoft website and install Silverlight 4; you just follow the prompts step by step; After Silverlight 4 is installed, MindV will run.
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