Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why the Mind Map Technique is Essential for Success

A Mind map is a diagram that is used to express ideas, tasks or words. The words are arranged round a keyword. This is used for decision making and solving problems as this structures help to visualize, generate and classify ideas. Mind maps help to prompt mind to generate memories to help come up with a solution. Mind maps are very effective during brainstorming sessions as different people will be able to come up with at least one idea broadening the diagram.

When creating mind maps there are some guidelines you need to follow and they include:

Start with an image related to the topic in at least three colors. Write the subject that is related to what you need to come up with. Color helps to build ideas as it is easy to remember colors or even simple images. Use codes, images throughout the whole session each standing on its own line. Select keywords and print them out. Try to use simple words that will help members involved in the mind map be able to have a free flow of ideas. Complex words or meaningless phrases just cluster the mind map making it unreadable or just plain waste of time. Connect all lines and use emphasis this will help you to see the connection of all the ideas that have been brought forward and then you can formulate them into solid strategies.

Mind maps are an excellent idea for building morale and creative environment. It helps increase teamwork and creates good work relationships. At the end of these sessions most people feel like they are part of a team that has produced the ideas and increases staff motivation. It helps to create bonds and most staff will get to know each other better knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses. Using of mind maps is very effective mainly for:
Summarizing information you come up with Consolidating information that has been acquired from different sources. Thinking through very difficult problems an organization may be facing. Used in presentation to show how a particular project will be handled.

Mind maps assist individuals to remember the guidelines to follow when doing a particular task as it is easy to remember by just imagining the images you saw. They engage the mind more as compared to using normal notes that may take really long to recall what exactly was contained in them.

Mind maps have main topic lines coming from the centre where it starts and has subtitles and branches that radiate from the titles like branches in a tree. There is no particular way how the structure will appear just let the lines flow freely in all directions.

A Mind map can be done by hand , but if you need to use it for presentation purposes there are software's that can help give elaborate work, something that looks of high quality. Software's like mind genius help to improve this processes. This makes it easier for the work to be edited, produced, and distributed or even to restructure it.

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  1. Very informative blog, Gilberto! I would just like to add that mind-mapping also improves long-term memory of information. Using stimulating images and colors throughout the map helps draw your attention to specific sections and helps separate ideas on the map. In a way, mind-mapping stimulates the imagination and creates strong associations for better recall of details.

    Alexandra Gale