Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ThinkingSpace for Android

Mind mapping applications have become an organizational tool that continues to grow in popularity on both PC and mobile platforms. They just make it easier to visualize, all at once, either all of the items you need to do, a workflow of which you are a part of, or any multi-part issue that requires your thought.

ThinkingSpace for Android, a free download from the Android Market (supported by in-app advertising), is one of the best mind mapping apps we’ve seen so far, and hands-down the best for Android devices.

We looked at ThinkingSpace on an Android tablet, and found it to be fully integrated with Android’s functionality – including the inclusion of gesture-based commands that make mind-map creation possible with swipes rather than keyboard strokes. (Although, you still have the option to create and edit mind maps with the on-board Android keyboard.)

Additionally, ThinkingSpace saves your mind map in the .mm format – meaning it will work with other mind-mapping apps, like MindNode, that also use that format. Once a mind map is created on ThinkingSpace, it builds in a number of options for exporting it, including straight to Gmail or Evernote.

Video: Thinking Space - review of an app for Android

Source: CRN.com

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