Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mind Mapping Software for iPhone and iPad

iMindMap Mobile is a mind mapping software for both iPhone and Ipad, the two crown jewel product line of Apple. These tools are developed and designed specifically for both iPhone and iPad users only.

There is not much difference of what iMindMap Mobile can do from the other computer based version of the mind mapping software like theiMindMap Elements, iMindMap Professional and the iMindMap Ultimate except that these mind mapping software allows users to make mind maps on the fly.

iPhone and iPad are both mobile devices. These machines permits users to bring it with them anywhere. This powerful machines as well as the powerful software application which is the iMindMap Mobile allows them to perfectly come together.

iMindMap Mobile allows iPhone an iPad users to be able to capture ideas in any moment, anywhere and at anytime. This allows more users to utilize the tools and harness its huge benefits without sitting in front of their computer. This will allow individuals who are using iPhones and iPads to be able to capture ideas and be able to create mind maps anytime.

It will also allows users to be able to create, share, present mind maps anywhere, may it be for project plans, action plans, or product presentation and many more. It will permit users to be able to make decision and study ideas, concepts or thoughts conveniently using their iPads and iPhones.

With the ultimate convenience that the software enables the user due to its partner devices, lets not forget what iMindMap Mobile can do to the user.

iMindMap Mobile will allow your brain to think more freely as well as process information in less amounts of time. It will relieve your brain from mental stress most especially when doing critical thinking for business plans, projects and in making the right decisions.  Best of all it will allow your brain to do visual thinking.

Visual Thinking allows your brain to see what it thinks giving you the ultimate perspective of your ideas through its mind maps.

iMindMap Mobile is the ultimate software for your brain and a lot are using it already to effective results.

iMindMap Mobile comes in 2 versions, one each for iPhone which is the

iMindMap Mobile Pro and one for iPad which is the iMindMap Mobile HD.

Video: Introduction to iMindMap on iPad (iMindMap Mobile HD)

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