Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mindomo Presenter - The First Real Presentation Mode for Mind Maps

November 23, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Expert Software Applications announced today the immediate availability of Mindomo Presenter - a radical new way to present Mind Maps online and offline. The strength of Mind Maps comes from their brain-friendly hierarchical structure. However, that strength is also a weakness when it comes to sharing a mind map.

"A mind map has a single starting point and it has multiple ending points, it has no single path which will guide you trough every idea in a mind map. When creating a mind map there is no way to include a guidance to viewers which would make it easy to interpret your mind map. Mindomo Presenter solves this problem by allowing mind map creators to break-down their mind maps and present it slide by slide," said Zoltan Lorincz CEO of Mindomo. "I believe the Mindomo Presenter is a big step forward in presenting mind maps interactively."

What you can do with the new Presentation Mode:

  • New interactive presentations - quickly capture your ideas on a topic and present them to others
  • Transform your existing mind maps - present your own flow of thoughts
  • Focus on ideas - spread your ideas with a fun and interactive presentation mode

Who is it for?

  • Ideal for speakers at events - present interactive resources
  • Teachers - present information about complex subjects
  • Consultants - present proposals for clients after your brainstorming sessions

As you can see, we took mind mapping to a whole different level. You can now create elaborate plans that you were not able before and present them in a unique way.

Video: Mindomo Presenter

Pricing & Availability

Mindomo with Presentation mode for creative presentations has been generally available since the 17th of November, with a starting price of $6 per month.

You can immediate access Mindomo by registering with a trial account, which you can upgrade to premium whenever you want.

More information about Mindomo pricing here:

Supporting Resources:

Signup for an Online Mindomo account here: You can download Mindomo Desktop free here: See gallery of mind maps created with Mindomo:

Mind mapping as a way of thinking

Mind mapping is a graphical solution in developing plans and ideas out of a main idea or subject.

The mind map is a tree like shape, with connections leading to other ideas.
Mind Mapping helps you split large projects into micro-projects, so that you can plan efficiently and do not loose the essential information.

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